I talked with the guys from Desde el anonimato, cultural emission of Elocuencia 8080, the radio station of UDLAP. You can here it here.



I showed the project Robbery to an art fair in Zona MACO México.



I am showing a video piece at Hors Pistes Rosario 2015, Argentina. Video Festival organized by  The George Pompidu Center in Paris. Mexican contemporary video show curated by Santiago Rueda and Cristina Ochoa.



I am showing two pieces at OBJECTSFOODROOMS. A group show at Proyecto Paralelo.



I am participating in  In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni Colección Jumex, Curated by Nicolás Ceccaldi, Fernando Mesta, Eva Svennung, Bernardette Van Huy, Susana Vargas y Peter Wächtler.



I am a member of The Sistema Nacional de Creadores 2015-2018, alternative genres.



I am showing two pieces at the  La estela en el horizonte / devenir de los monumentos en el espacio publico exhibition. From june 27 to september 20 in Casa del lago. Curated by Iñaki Herranz.  



I am collaborating doing some paintings on the project Preludios de una reubicacion 1 at Casa del Lago.



The book Transporte transportado  is available on Exit la libreria today. Get yours.



This month I will be on residence at Casa Wabi. A residence and cultural project by Bosco Sodi, directed by Patricia Martin. Amazing place.



Puesta en abismo exhibition has been nominated for the 2013-2014 best public or independent project by the Austin Critics Table Awards 



Miguel Monroy in colaboration with Leslie Moody Castro presenting Puesta en Abismo at CoLab projects, Austin Texas.