Carga Útil. 39 artistas contemporáneos en el MAM

published by Modern Art Museum of Mexico city


In 1995 the Fundación BBVA Bancomer created the Salón de ArteBancomer with the purpose of promoting the work of Mexican and foreign artists living inMexico. The yearly event exhibited throughout its 10-year existence the artwork of more than300 emerging artists with a trajectory involving the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) who started exhibiting their work from the sixth edition. Seven year after the last exhibition, this publication rescues 39 of the artists who were part of the Salón Bancomer and have been active participants in the exhibitions program of the MAM in the last 5 years. The book documents the artistic strategies, processes and production of these artists with works and series of recent production and includes critical texts by the curatorial staff of the museum.


With texts of: Violeta Celis, Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Josefa Ortega, Victor Palacios and Osvaldo Sánchez.


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