This book originated out of the need to create an archive of all the artists who have used Mexico City as a laboratory of ideas and creation, generating through their actions and interventions a constant reinterpretation and reactivation of public spaces. Whether through the transgression of the museum / gallery process or through the use of the city as an exhibition space, most of the pieces selected changed the relationship between spectators and works of art by existing in spaces that allow for greater openness and dialogue. In this way the city functions as a zone of experiences. Since most of the pieces were ephemeral, registered by the artists themselves or by the press, they can only be studied together in an archive of this kind. The book assembles the work of 136 different collectives and artists, both Mexican and foreign, who created some 200 works in Mexico City over the period of a decade.


With texts of: Hernández Edgar, Medina Cuauhtémoc, Miller Inbal and others


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published by RM & Cubo Blanco