One of the central themes proposed within the framework of the Germany-Mexico Dual Year 2016-2017 was that of mobility. The two countries are linked by a long history of mobility that has marked relations between their societies up to the present day.


In the course of the year, German and Mexican artists, in collaboration with the curators, developed a range of different perspectives on the theme, in the form of seven interventions presented in museums and cultural venues of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Mexibility: We Are in the City, We Cannot Leave explores the phenomena of mobility in their historical, eco-nomic, ecological, and social facets. The various artistic interventions and re-search projects are gathered together in this catalogue-book.


With texts of: Friedrich von Borries, Moritz Ahlert (editors) Marko Konstroffer, Ander Azpiri, Juan Villoro, Julieta Giménez Cacho, Magdalena Wiener, Octavio Paz, Paola Santoscoy, Peter Krieger et al (texts)


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Mexibility. We Are in the City, We Cannot Leave.

published by Goethe Institute & RM