México Inside Out Themes in Art since 1990

published by Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth


At its core, México Inside Out: Themes in Art Since 1990 embodies the rhythm of art today. The twenty-three artists in this presentation represent two -and-a-half generations, from the 1990s to now, with ties to Mexico. Through a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, video, photography, drawing and collage, these artists investigate regional and national issues related to Mexico's complex sociopolitical climate, while also firmly engaging with impulses around the world. The title of exhibition reinforces this idea: "Inside" refers to local and "Out" to global.


Inside Out suggests common threads that are multigenerational, such as an intense focus on daily life, from the ordinary to issues regarding borders, violence, corruption, economic and civic institutions, and revolution. Some artists approach these topics solemnly, others are rebellious and subversive,others use humor.


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