Mise en abime


The collaborative project with Miguel Monroy and Leslie Moody Castro is a site-specific video exploring the dynamics that exist within Co-Lab as a project space, as a space for exhibiting, and as a space for viewing. The collaborative nature of the project also means that any outcome is possible. While Monroy has explored the dynamics that exist in museums and commercial galleries, he has yet to isolate the various dynamics at play within such a small grassroots organization. Additionally, his voice offers one of objectivity, as he is unfamiliar with the role that Co-Lab Projects plays within the greater Austin area arts community. For Monroy the project would be one that illustrates the various cast of characters that define the various communities in a silent interaction with the space as a point of intersection. For Co-Lab Projects this would be an example of the multiple players at hand that make the art ecosystem of Austin function within the microcosm that is the physical project space.